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We are a model & talent agent & we place models & artists of all ages, shapes & sizes, beginners & professionals, in TV & Print adverts & other wonderful productions.

The agency was started by Candy Chrome, who has been in the industry for over 20 years. She has traveled abroad promoting & scouting models & artists in cities such as LA & New York. 

Chrome was established in 1999 initially as a Fashion Agency. As time went on, we recognized the beauty & diversity of our nation -  & now, as a well loved Commercial Agency, we encourage each of our models & artists to identify, accentuate & celebrate their most unique features & their individuality... we live by our motto: BE{YOU}TIFUL!

We have Johannesburg, Cape Towns & Durban Divisions. As a national agency, and as one of the oldest & most trusted names, we continuously work on television & print campaigns for many local & international brands. You will find Chrome Models & Artists in magazines, on billboards & on TV screens across the world.

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