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Every day we work on TV & Print ads & other productions. The clients / advertisers, will tell us what they are looking for. We will present to them, photos of artists who more or less fit their brief. The client will, based on the photos, see artists for an audition. Based on that audition, the advertiser will select who they would like to shoot for their advert. Whoever is selected, goes and shoots the ad, they appear in the ad & they get paid for it.

A model or an artist signs up with us. We work with all ages & sizes & all levels of experience. First you apply via our website home page. If your application is successful, you book an appointment with us for photos & registration.

Once we have your recent, professional, suitable photos, we start sending them out to our clients... and we contact you with audition briefs. It's almost exactly like you see on the movies, where models & artists attend auditions & shoots. 

Your photos ARE what get you selected - so that is by far the most important thing - always make sure that we have current, good, on trend, photos of you. 

Once you are registered we are here to guide you & to share our 20 years of experience.

Ultimately it's up to YOU to take our advice & to make the most of every opportunity that we give to you.


Each person's journey is individual & unique & that is what makes our work so exciting & unique.

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